3 Day Smoothie Challenge

3 Day Smoothie Challenge
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Welcome! I hope you enjoy my 3 Day Smoothie Challenge:O)

Every morning, you will be starting your day with a nutrient dense, plant based, homemade smoothie.  I am an advocate of building smoothies from scratch without adding extra protein or greens powders full of sweeteners, caffeine and who knows what else. Your smoothies are simple, filling, scrumptious and healthy, so let’s get started!

For 3 days, you’ll focus on:

  • Drinking a different smoothie each day for breakfast
  • Enjoying a salad for lunch and a clean dinner each evening (2 suggestions below, they’re just examples, you don’t have to make them)
  • Eliminating unhealthy snacking and late, after dinner snacking


  1. Drink warm lemon water, each morning right after you wake up.
  2. Drink water throughout the day (at least 8 glasses, depending on your age, activity level, size and weather conditions).
  3. Enjoy and sip one smoothie for breakfast.
  4. Limit your snack to one in the afternoon (you shouldn’t need one in the morning if you have your smoothie)
  5. Be mindful of your portion sizes for lunch and dinner. If you include a nutrient dense smoothie for breakfast, you should not be ravenously hungry at lunch. Try and fill up on a salad for lunch and a clean supper.
  6. If you need a snack in the afternoon, try being creative, use the other smoothies for guidelines and make up your own small, snack size blend. For snacking suggestions, CLICK HERE.
  7. Eliminate ALL prepackaged food for 3 days, plus the following: processed meats, all dairy, artificial and refined sweeteners, white or whole wheat flours, sodas, sweetened drinks, packaged fruit juices.
  8. Cut back on your alcohol and caffeine (try and limit it to one of each). One glass of wine and one coffee (without sugar or cream) is perfect.
  9. If cutting back on sugar, meat, alcohol, caffeine etc. is pretty drastic, keep your activity level gentle because you may experience mild detox symtoms. Instead of running, maybe walk instead.
  10. Have a salad for lunch. Keep it clean with protein. Be creativeJ Add nuts, seeds, dried fruit, left over chicken, canned tuna, beans or legumes. Experiment with different oils and vinegars. If you need a suggestion, I have included one of my favorite salads. It keeps really well in the fridge and tastes even better the next day! Bonus…and it’s plant based:O)


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Kellie, also known as "Healthy Mom", is a passionate advocate for the saying, "not one diet fits us all". Because eating healthy can be overwhelming and time consuming, she provides clients with one on one personal coaching as well as develops monthly online meal planning programs. These programs are filled with everything you need to get cooking at home: shopping lists, menu plans, recipes, healthy lifestyle tips and full coaching support.

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