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Healthy Foundations
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Welcome to Healthy Foundations!  In the past year I have been going through an amazing journey as far as health and nutrition goes.  I have been enrolled in IIN in New York, (the largest nutrition school in the world), have been starting a new business and been adapting to and living a life with quite a few food restrictions.  Four months ago my husband, (Dr. Mark Timmins), attended a seminar on gluten sensitivity and its role in our lives.  At that time we were struggling at home.  The boys were having trouble focussing, my littlest guy was looking green and struggling to get up for school, and Mark and I were exhausted…all the time!  This is when we began the change.  Below are some of the changes we have experienced:

  • Our 7 year old is no longer green, he is putting on weight and his teacher and choir conductor commented on his attention, it dramatically improved
  • Our oldest boy, (the sugar and carb addict), has seen an improvement with “tummy issues”
  • The middle boy is able to get up a little more easily in the morning.  It isn’t as much of a fight
  • I have not had a migraine in 4 months, (I would get one 3 days before my menstruation, it was like clockwork)
  • My acne on my back has cleared up, and I have dropped weight, especially around my stomach
  • The big man, (husband), has seen the most improvement.  His skin tone has improved, the black around his eyes has disappeared and his energy levels have dramatically increased

Now, that’s just some of the improvementsJ  It’s been tough, but definitely worth it.  Honestly, food is huge in creating happier, more energetic lives!  You may have read the quote: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippcrates.  If we took this into consideration every time we went grocery shopping, think of how much better we would feel!

 I hope you follow our continuing journey.  I will be filling my blog full of our experiences, things that work and others that don’t.  If there’s a gluten recipe that rocks, and our entire family loves it, I’ll definitely be sharing it!

In the future, if you have any questions regarding food sensitivities, or how to make similar changes in your life, send me a quick email.  The testing is done through Anodyne Chiropractic and Sports Therapy.  From there, you would work with one of the docs and if you need further help implementing these changes, that’s where I can helpJ

Yours in health,


Healthy Foundations, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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Kellie, also known as "Healthy Mom", is a passionate advocate for the saying, "not one diet fits us all". Because eating healthy can be overwhelming and time consuming, she provides clients with one on one personal coaching as well as develops monthly online meal planning programs. These programs are filled with everything you need to get cooking at home: shopping lists, menu plans, recipes, healthy lifestyle tips and full coaching support.

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