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Hi there! Glad you’re shoot Jan 2016

Let me guess…you landed on this page because a friend sent you to check out my website. No? Maybe checking up on my credentials? Perhaps.  Or, you’ve been following one of my accounts on Facebook or Instagram and want to find out what I’m all about. It could be :o)

OR, perhaps you’re simply looking for some sort of advice on healthy living and are fed up with the conflicting, in your face “expert” suggestions pasted all over the internet these days. Yes…I know how you are feeling right about now, so that is why I am here.

The last time I wrote on my “Meet Kellie” page, was about 2 years ago and a lot has changed.  I coach less, teach yoga more. I clean the house less and taxi kids around way more. I preach about health less and listen to friends and family more, (well, at least I am trying).


I completely understand your time is valuable, you have questions, and you simply want to know a little about who I am, so…

A brief, fun little history of who I am.  I:

  • was born in Fort St. John, British Columbia, and now reside in Grande Prairie, Alberta, (lived as far North as Fairview, Alberta and as far South as Santa Clara, California).
  • have loved animals, (dogs especially), for as far back as I can remember…just like my mom :o)
  • was, and still am a competitor.  I was involved in athletics since the young age of 5, (badminton, volleyball and swimming were my thing).
  • started teaching group fitness classes when I was 16, (Jane Fonda was my idol).
  • began dieting, (first company I tried was Isogenics), in my late teens.
  • have always been a “happy moderate”…still am.
  • struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember.
  • have always loved cooking, (learned the most from my mother-in-law).
  • used essential oils when it wasn’t cool to use essential oils.


Some of my most memorable experiences have been:

  • giving birth to all my 4 children, (ages 7, 10, 14 & 16).
  • marrying my husband, (my rock and biggest supporter).
  • becoming certified as a group fitness instructor at such a young age.
  • becoming a Veterinary Technician.
  • acquiring my Health Coaching Certificate.
  • spending my time as a Vet Tech, volunteering at the San Jose SPCA.
  • on opening day at our chiropractic clinic, (Anodyne Chiropractic and Sports Therapy).
  • becoming certified as a yoga teacher
  • building my newest small biz, GP Peace Pillows, (handcrafted neck and eye pillows)


Now, all the “about me” stuff aside, I am here because of you. By being here, I am hoping to make myself available so that you make small, sustainable changes in your life.

You are confused because the amount of information on health and wellness out there is overwhelming, isn’t it?

Every day I see new diets, programs, supplements being promoted as the next best thing. You want a simple, easy solutions, don’t you? Well, I’m here to be the bearer of bad news…


It is because of all this nonsense going on these days, I am here for you. However, not in the way I have been the past couple years as a Health Coach. I am here to guide you, not tell you what to do. 

You are going to do what you want to do. What works for you, will not necessarily work for your sister, neighbour, or mom.

Go ahead, try that new supplement. Go on a detox. Juice for 7 days. Join a cross fit gym. Just try, see if it works and keep going. If it doesn’t, well then try something new.


However, I will be here to support you in ways that I know work. For a balanced, clean, healthy body, home and environment, I am here for YOU in the following areas:


~Private Yoga Classes in your home or business. Yoga is for every BODY, regardless of your weight, age, sex, ability. Check out more information on my yoga classes HERE.


~Food allergy counselling. Everything STARTS IN THE GUT. So many diseases, conditions, mental health issues and hormonal issues stem from our gut.  This is where everyone should start, regardless of what diet, lifestyle or program you are following. For a consultation, message me and I’ll send you a link to fill out forms, and then we can set up a time to meet.


~Essential Oils. What’s the sense of eating healthy and exercising when you still have tons of environmentally toxic products in your home and in your body products? In home, fun, interactive and free classes on how to safely use essential oils in your home are available. You provide the wine or tea, I’ll provide the handouts, oils, and information.  We’ll even make a home cleaning, bath or body product with your guest so they can take them home.


At the end of the day, moderation and balance is the key to living a life you love and deserve. Find what works for you and build on that. Listen to your mind and heart, and know that there will always be mountains of “expert” advise out there, but regardless of the letters behind one’s name, their rules and recommendations are built around the knowledge they have formed over years. Some are biased, some are extremely well informed…but it may not necessarily work for you.


To connect with me on a daily basis, join me on Facebook or Instagram! You can also sign up for my monthly newsletter, (I completely understand if you don’t, BUT if I have special promotions or events, my newsletter peeps are the first to know, you’ll always be in the loop).