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Welcome to one of my favourite parts of my health coaching practice!!  I am so glad you made it to this page so that you can find out a little more about these great programs.  I absolutely love these meal planning challenges…and why may you ask?  A few of the reasons:

  • They are interactive, motivating and all around fun
  • They hold you accountable
  • There are no formal “meetings” or scheduled times to follow
  • They get you organized for the week
  • Help reduce the stress of making meals on the “fly”
  • There are basic healthy guidelines to follow, to get you on the right track eg. Limiting your alcohol or caffeine intake for the week.  


What are the benefits to joining these “groups”?

  • You will have access to your own certified health coach for 6-7 full days, (through email, FB messaging, or directly through the group)
  • You may experience a small amount of weight loss, (depending on how well you follow the recommendations through the week)
  • Many participants experience an increase in energy, have less bloating and an overall feeling of “lightness”
  • I do all the work by supplying you with your menu plan, shopping list, recipes, tips and recommendations
  • If you are a patient of Anodyne Chiropractic and Sports Therapy, and have a specific, health related question, I have the opportunity to consult with your practitioner, (with your approval, of course)
  • You will NEVER feel deprived and will experience how energizing and rewarding it can be to make whole, clean, creative meals, snacks, and shakes

Now, how much does a program like this cost?  Every meal plan challenge is $39.  Newsletter subscribers get weekly updates on the latest plans and programs, so make sure you sign up to stay in the loop.   The newsletter is simple, short and sweet and always full of meal planning ideas and lifestyle tips to inspire you to make slow, steady, healthy changes. 

To make payment as convenient as possible, I accept:

  1. Credit cards, via the Square (I need your #, exp. Date, postal code, email address)
  2. Email transfer
  3. Pay online by credit card through PayPal

Next 6 Day Meal Planning Program: June 2-7

To sign up and pay for the next meal plan program (Touch of Thai), click here.  You will see a little blue button near the bottom of the page that says, “39.00-Add to cart”, click there:o) 

Once you have paid, you should be able to access the entire package of materials (recipes, meal plan, shopping list etc)

Not ready to try one of the meal plans?  No worries, I’d love to hear from you, or simply keep in touch through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or my newsletter!


A few extra details:

  • There are always 1-2 challenges per month
  • Themes vary (vegan, Paleo, grainless, plant based)
  • Adaptations can be made, especially if you have food sensitivities


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