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**Newest service available**

Creative, Custom Meal Plan

Discover how life-changing, delicious and simple home cooked food can be! Get cooking on your own with the help of a custom meal plan made up by your own, private health coach…me!!

Your plan will include:

  • 5 day meal plan
  • 2 breakfast options
  • 1 healthy snack
  • grocery list
  • individualized, healthy tips sheet, (based on your meal plan)


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Additional Programs…


❶ Private Foundational Programs

Private Health Coaching provides accountability, motivation, results, and someone you trust to share the journey with.  Each of my one on one programs are completely personalized to your specific needs.  You have the option of choosing from a 3 or 6 month program.  Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • 6 or 12 50-minute sessions with an initial in-depth assessment
  • Healthy gifts and goodies each time we meet
  • Free access to online, group programs (3-6 day detox’s and cleanses with fees ranging from $19.99-$39.00)
  • Unlimited email support, 24 hour turnaround (but often faster!)
  • In depth email summary full of tips, recipes and recommendations based on our previous session


The basis for my foundational program is rooted in these five goals:

  • to add delicious and healthy go-to food choices to your diet repertoire,
  • to increase your energy level,
  • to boost your confidence in the kitchen,
  • to create balance and internal peace with your body as you learn to listen to hunger cues, and
  • to provide you with all the tools needed to succeed on your own!


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❷ Jump Start Food Elimination and Gut healing sessions

This is my favorite program!! I have recently teamed up with Dr. Timmins of Anodyne Chiropractic and Sports Therapy. My role, once you have had your blood work done, test read and interpreted, (by Dr. T), is to assist and guide you in implementing the docs recommendations.

***Please note, you are unique, so what works for one individual will not necessarily work for you, hence your recommendations will be customized to YOU based on our session together***

These sessions are 50 minutes long and will include:

  1. Substitution ideas for dairy, gluten, eggs, refined sugars and prepackaged foods
  2. Explanation of gut healing protocols set out by your practitioner
  3. How to incorporate whole foods
  4. Reading labels
  5. Meal planning ideas
  6. Going over your questions regarding shopping in Grande Prairie, (best places to find unique, healthier options)
  7. Links to recipes from my website and meal planning programs I think may go well with your results
  8. A one page summary of our session with tips, links, lifestyle ideas delivered to your inbox
  9. Links to reputable, evidence based internationally known experts on food allergies and non-celiac gluten sensitivities

Do you have questions regarding the food allergy testing that Dr. Timmins offers? Don’t hesitate to give me a call, or shoot me an email! If you need an in depth consult, we can always set up a 50 minute visit!


Phone: 780-814-9663


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❸ Group Online Programs

Do you have a good grasp on your health, but every once in a while need a boost and some extra motivation?

If you follow Plank Health Coaching on Facebook, you will notice I put on 3 or 6 day group programs.  They are made available at different times of the year, so it is best to “like” Plank Health Coaching to get the latest updates on my groups.  They will include:

  • Meal plans and shopping lists depending on the theme
  • Online support from me, your personal health coach (I will send answers to your posted questions in a timely manner)
  • Motivational tips and quotes
  • Group challenges (fitness and/or holistic)
  • A closed group forum for participants
  • Answers to any of your posted questions in a timely manner


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Looking for a speaker?

Do you have a ladies group that meets once a month?  School council interested in the latest information on food sensitivities and how it affects their kids and those newly diagnosed with things like non-celiac gluten sensitivity?  Has your workplace recently implemented a wellness program and brings in speakers? 

Contact me for details.  I’d love to share and get the conversation going on how we can build your foundations for a brighter, healthier future!!