Yoga with Kellie

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Yoga with Kellie


Are you curious about starting your own yoga practice, but are not ready to join a class in a studio? 

Already have your own practice, but would like to share it with others in your workplace?

Interested in a private, in home session?

Getting married this summer and would like to gift your bridal party a relaxing, peaceful group session the night before your big day?


Well, I can help you with all of that! Every Tuesday, Thursday, you can find me teaching noon hour classes at Love Life Hot Yoga, but I also offer private group and one on one sessions throughout the week.  Additionally, I also have packages where therapeutic essential oils, plant based treats and fresh pressed juices are included:o)  Just message or text me: 780-814-9663  OR

A little about me:

Kellie… a visionary and active proponent of balanced, whole hearted living, discovered yoga approximately four years ago. 

My love of teaching and leading classes is evident in the past 25 years as a certified group fitness instructor, (I currently holds my ACE group fitness certification as well).  Amazed at how yoga and meditation alleviated the stresses of running a busy family of six, I began practicing more regularly and eventually began studying the ancient practice.

As a certified health coach, food enthusiast, dog lover and yoga teacher, I am on a mission to build a community of vibrant, healthy, and happy families. By empowering them to cook more whole foods at home, get moving more and learning to breathe, I truly believe we can create a life of prevention and wellness.

For my fee schedule, just click and download my info sheet here:

Welcome to Yoga With Kellie and Plank Health-Fee Schedule for private sessions


Yoga with Kellie, 7.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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Kellie, also known as "Healthy Mom", is a passionate advocate for the saying, "not one diet fits us all". Because eating healthy can be overwhelming and time consuming, she provides clients with one on one personal coaching as well as develops monthly online meal planning programs. These programs are filled with everything you need to get cooking at home: shopping lists, menu plans, recipes, healthy lifestyle tips and full coaching support.

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